5 Best Saltwater Spinning Reel under $200

Let’s talk fishing, saltwater fishing that is. An exhilarating sport that is greatly rewarding. Of course, we know fishing is a great sport, and having the proper equipment to do it right is the only way to go. There is nothing better than landing a large Bluefish, Flounder or trophy Marlin. There is nothing worse than losing that fish you worked so hard to bait, hook and land because your equipment failed. Maybe we can spare on the beer and chips, but as a fisherman, we should never spare on the quality of our equipment. After all, we are investing our time, energy and money, into doing something rewarding for us that we love passionately, so why would we want to ruin our experience by using the inadequate equipment?

How about opening our tackle box for a moment. Let’s talk reels. We all know that our light-weight carbon fiber fishing rod can stand up to the battle but what about our reel? The reel is perhaps the single most important part of our fishing equipment, save, knowing where the fish are, having a little luck and using the right bait.

Not all reels are made the same, but we should pick a reel that’s going to stand up to the feistiest fish allowing us to wear that bugger down until we have conquered him and can bring him horn. After all, we are fishing to win, not to feel bad because that good one got away!

5 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels for the Money

Let’s list the 5 best reels on the market and see which one works for our needs. We all know that each one of us has different styles, different fish interests, and their own unique way of enjoying the sport. Regardless of that, when it comes to our equipment, we can all agree that we want the best, most durable, and most reliable items out there, because fishing is serious business!

RankSaltwater Spinning ReelQualityEditor Rating Price
1Penn Battle IIA+ Check Amazon
2Shimano Baitrunner DA+ Check Amazon
3Penn Pursuit IIA Check Amazon
5Penn Spinfisher VA- Check Amazon

1. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

How about a Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel? An HT-100 carbon drag system to allow us to take our time in wearing out that trophy fish. Complete with a heavy-duty aluminum bail-wire, durable metal housing, 5 stainless steel ball bearing with its separate bearing to prevent anti-reverse, this reel is talking seriously!

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2. Shimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reel (4.8:1)

We can also see what our friends over at Shimano can offer, like their Shimano Baitrunner O Spinning Reel with a gear ration of 4,8, 1 and weighing in at only 21 ounces, this baby is a quality reel that competes nicely with the Penn Battle! Reversible retrieve and max drag force of 20 Ibs, this reel won’t let us down for landing that trophy!

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3. Penn Pursuit II 4000-8000CP Reel

Or maybe we want the same Penn Battle quality but in a more economical version like the Penn Pursuit II 4000-8000CP Spinning Fishing Reel. This sweet reel has many of the same features of the Penn Battle but in a smaller version and a more affordable price. Maybe it won’t stand up to the 1000 pound Marlin but for the novice fisherman it offers great reliability and features for a down to earth price!

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Now maybe we enjoy freshwater fishing lust as much as salt-water so we should check out the DAIWA BALLISTIC EX SPINNING REEL something that understands a fisherman loves to fish, independent if he’s in and a saltwater environment or a freshwater environment.

This is a very affordable, elegant reel that has 8 ball bearings, 1 reverse roller bearing and 1 super corrosion resistant ball bearing. For a total of 10 bearing packed into a rather decent looking reel that won’t let us down. Remember reliability and durability are what we are looking for when purchasing a reel!

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5. Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reel

Maybe we are looking to get a little beach fishing in as well as on the boat. After all, being on a boat all day with rocking waves can make us a little woozy. So we might look at the Penn Spin fisher V Spinning Fishing Reel. This more than decent reel carries the Penn quality that we have found to be extremely reliable, but also is designed to resist both salt-water damage and sand damage. This reel will keep on working no matter what environment we subject it to With its sleek gold metal housing, this reel will make your friends envious but even more jealous when they see the awesome fish we will be landing.

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So what you pick?

All five of these best saltwater spinning reel under $200 will certainly serve our fishing mission quite well, in selecting one over another we need to consider what our main focus is going to be If its strictly salt-water fishing, then the Penn Battle, or Penn Pursuit is more than suitable. If we are on a budget the Penn Pursuit will get us good bang for our buck without breaking the bank.

If we want a reel that is also sand resistant then the Penn Spin Fisher won’t let us down.

Also, If we want the performance of 10 high quality bearings, and just a gem of a reel then we could definitively sleep well at nights knowing that the DAIWA BALLISTIC is sitting in our tackle box ready for action. And this sweet reel will be ready if our friends invite us to our favorite fresh water lake, or to tackle the deep blue fish in the Ocean.

We could even have 2 reels, in case our friend forgot his, or Murphy’s law just ruined our day. For that purpose, the Shimano Baitrunner would serve us well as a first or second reel. This light-weight reel, weighing only 20 ounces, can handle a drag weight of over 20 lbs, now that’s talking serious folks!
In the end any one of these five great reels, or combinations of the same, will definitely give us the right equipment to reap the full benefit of our fishing passion, and let us brag about what we caught and landed, not that fish that got away.

Final Words

We should always make wise purchasing decisions when it comes to supplying our tackle-box, because when we are out on the Ocean, or way up in the back-woods, the last thing we want is problems with our equipment. Maybe we can run out of beer, or food, (the fish we can always cook over a nice fire), but if our equipment fails, we will have wasted our time and go home sad faced. As fisherman we need to be well equipped, because a fish that doesn’t put up a fight, isn’t worth landing in the first place!

So good fishing my fellow fisherman, we’ll be seeing each other on the water, and good luck to everyone!

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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