5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50

Almost everyone in this universe loves music. As a symbol of love towards music, people use Smartphones, MP3, FM Radio, PC, laptop, sound speaker, headphone, and many more devices to listen to music.  In this connection, almost all of us know about the portable Bluetooth speaker. The invention of Bluetooth speaker eases lots of hassles. People love to use portable Bluetooth speakers for different purposes, but they often confused when going to buy a quality speaker. We are here to give you the suggestion for buying the best portable Bluetooth Speakers under $50.

RankPortable Bluetooth SpeakerQualityEditor Rating Price
1OontZ Angle 3
A+ Check Amazon
2AmazonBasics Wireless BluetoothA+ Check Amazon
3VicTsing Shower SpeakerA Check Amazon
4OontZ Angle 3A Check Amazon
5Anker SoundCore miniA- Check Amazon

How do we choose the best?

If you search on Amazon, you will see more than hundreds of Bluetooth Speakers are available there. So, how do we choose from that big list?

To be honest, we should say that it is impossible for anyone to review all of them. So, we narrow down the list by reading features and customers’ reviews. We make a list of 10 products that are known to be good. Then, we purchase them from the local market and online shops. We check products designs, functions and most importantly the price. Finally, we make our list shorter to 5 best portable speakers. We can ensure you that our list of products will give you best service within your limited budget.

1) OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Cambridge Sound

If you want to buy a perfect wireless for your home, or for beach shower, you should consider the OontZ Angle 10W Power Water Resistant Speakers.


  • Two precision acoustic drivers can provide excellent stereo sound; the passive bass radiator provides enhanced bass. sound
  • Distortion-free sounds are able to play audio and radio in louder volume with more bass.
  • Water Resistant IPX5 system makes this speaker water-proof and dustproof.
  • 2200 mAh battery can backup 12 hours, the weight is less than 10 ounces.


Quality Sound: The OontZ Angle soundbox has two precision neodymium drivers that can produce clear mid-to-high sound. The Bass Radiator is able to produce enhanced bass sound. It can provide distortion-free sound even at maximum volume.

Weatherproof: Don’t worry, you can enjoy music in the shower or beach. The IPX5 system will protect your speakers from rain or water.

Ultra-Portable: The weight of the speaker is about 10 ounce only; the dimension is 5.25”x2.6”x2.8”. So, you can take everywhere you want.

Plays up to 12 hours with battery:

Cons: Some of the consumers have complained that his speakers run well in the first month, then it started to lose connectivity.

2) AmazonBasics Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The AmazonBasics is a white color, built-in Microphone, 3W speaker. The amazing design and sound of this speaker are worth to consider.


  • Bluetooth can connect smartphone, tablet or other devices from 30 feet/10 meter distance.
  • Dual built-in 3W speakers with a single microphone
  • Battery works up to 15 hours of listening music.


Small and Portable: The AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker is small and portable. The small speaker can be carried easily anywhere you want. wirelessly.

Enjoy Music All Night: Though the size of the speaker is small, the battery life can last about 15 hours when fully charged. So, you can enjoy music whole night.

Make louder calls: The built-in microphone helps you to make and answer calls on speakers.

Cons: A consumer complained that he found distortion in sound while playing music at top volume.

3) VicTsing Shower Speaker with 5W Driver

VicTsing Show Speaker is types of Hands-Free Speakerphones with 5W Driver and Built-in Mic. This waterproof speaker gets the attention of lots of buyers for its quality and price.


  • Waterproof speaker, made of the IPX5 with silicon cases design.
  • Hands-free conversation with Built-in Mic.
  • 5W driver speaker support A2DP can support more than 6 hours.
  • Detachable Suction Cup with Aluminum alloy hook helps to hang it anywhere you want.
  • Fee life-time support and 12-month warranty


Portable and suitable for outdoor uses: The VicTsing Speaker is built with improved silicon cases which waterproof level is up to IPX5. So, you can use it outdoors and shower.

Clear Sound: This 5W speaker is A2DP supported which can create incredible and crystal clear stereo sound.

Impressive and Free-Hand Design: The aluminum alloy metal hook helps to attach or hang it against wall or posts or anywhere you want.

Support Every Device: This Bluetooth speaker supports almost every Bluetooth-enable devices such as PC, Tablet, iPaD, iPhone, Laptops, MP3, Mac Air, etc.


The speaker automatically turns it off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

4) OontZ Angle 3 Plus Edition Wireless Portable Speaker

It is a “Plus Edition” of OontZ Angle Portable Bluetooth speaker with Richer Bass and 30 hours playtime. The dual drivers can produce the superior sound that you should consider at least for one time.


  • It is an Ultra version of OontZ Angle 3 version.
  • Able to play from 33 feet distance.
  • Capacity 10 W serves 30-hours of playtime.


Crystal Clear and Quality Sound: The two precision drivers and bass radiator can produce high-quality sound. The triangular design of the speaker enhances its audio clarity.

Distortion-free sound: With 10W output power the Bluetooth speaker is able to play distortion-free loud sound.

Portable and 30 hours playtime: It is only 13-ounce weight, but is easy to carry which can play up to 30 hours on a full charge.

Cons: Every user of this speaker praise about it, but some complained that after few uses the connections became loose.

5) Anker SoundCore Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker got our attention for its 66-Bluetooth range, noise-canceling Mic, and 15-hour playtime. You can also try all features on a low budget.


  • 5W driver with passive subwoofer delivers robust bass and powerful sound.
  • 4.0 Bluetooth technology works around 66ft area and it can be connected to all Smartphones and laptops.
  • Powerful battery can play music up to 15 hours.
  • 18 months warranty with additional USB charging cable and a guide.


Powerful speaker: The Anker SoundCore is powerful speakers that can create louder but crystal-clear sound.

Advanced Bluetooth Device: An 4.0 Bluetooth device is connected to the speaker that is able to control 66 feet area.

Unstoppable Music: The device is micro SD card supported, can play FM radio also. A fully charged battery can play up to 15 hours continuously.

Cons: If you connect it with Dot (such as; external speaker), the audio is lagged or delayed.

Bottom Line

We ensure you that our recommended list of Bluetooth speakers is great according to their prices. If you think that we have missed any, please let us know. We keep our list updated. If your suggestion for Bluetooth Speaker is great but inexpensive, we will add that to your list.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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