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To perfect those three pointer shots, you will definitely need a basketball and a hoop. Picking the basketball of your choice is relatively easy. The problem lies with picking the hoop because a permanent one is not as preferable as a temporary one as it leaves no room for portability. Lucky for us basketball enthusiasts, the portable hoop came to save the day. In this comprehensive guide, I will take you through the five best portable basketball hoop under $300.

i) Lifetime 1269 pro court portable basketball system

This basketball system is very easy to set up as it does not require any tools during assembly. It relies on water or sand fitting for stability (in a 27 gallon base) and it has increased portability since it moves on wheels. One of its most intriguing features is the acrylic playing surface that is break resistant on top of UV resistant graphics.

It comes with a nylon net fitted on a classic rim. Its height is adjustable and was made with a powder coated, rust resistant finish. With the lovely acrylic board and the striking pro-glass stance, this is a very beautiful component on the yard.

ii) Lifetime 90023 portable basketball system

With a huge 44 inch acrylic fusion unbreakable backboard, the lifetime 90023 has all the professional and advanced features. It comes with a pole that is three inches in diameter that can be adjusted between 8 — 10 inches using a broomstick. The pole of the hoop is weather resistant and assembling it is easy and does not require any tools.

It includes a weather resistant net, hooked to an 18-inch rim with double compression springs, coated with an all-weather material. It also has a 31-gallon base that can be filled with either sand or water, making it very stable.

iii) Lifetime 1531 portable basketball system

It features a 48 inch backboard made with the unbreakable markrolon polycarbonate, with colored graphic details and surrounded with polyethylene around the edges for protection. The pole holding the board is 3 inches in diameter and is made from rust resistant powder coated steel for durability. It is adjustable from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

It is relatively easy to assemble and it features a 31 gallon base, fillable with either water or sand. Its affordable price makes it a great starter hoop for your family and allows hours and hours of play with endless shots.

iv) Lifetime 1306 poolside height adjustable portable basketball system

It comes with a 44 inch clear backboard with fade resistant graphics that is made with shatterproof polyethylene. It promises good results and a long service, and consequently, it has a 5 year warranty attached to its purchase. This hoop has a 2 piece 3 inch pole for maximum stability attached to a 27 gallon heavy duty base. The pole is powder coated to make it weather resistant.

The classic rim featured in this is cannot be used for hanging and hooked on in is an all-weather net It has an adjustable height in six inch increments from 4 feet to 6.5 feet. Thanks to the rollers on its base, it can be moved when no one is using it.

v) Lifetime 51550 48 inch portable basketball hoop

To allow you to position the basketball hoop anywhere, this hoop comes with rollers beneath a 31 gallon base, fillable with either water or sand. Its powder coated, rust resistant pole is three inches in diameter and has a height adjustable by up to six inches.

Its unbreakable backboard has its fade resistant graphics painted with a UV resistant ink. The backboard also has, for protection, a high impact polyethylene frame around it It has solid steel rims that come with double compression springs and hooked on to it is an all-weather net The best part about this basketball system is that it allows you to dunk with the slam-it rim which helps protect the rim.

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For those who are love basketball, and they would like their kids to be good in the game and keep fit, there is no substituting the portable basketball hoop. There is no need to start worrying about digging a hole and fixing one using concrete, or the restrictions that may be brought about by having a permanent hoop. It is very easy to set up and very convenient.

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