5 Best Paintball Guns under $400 with Reviews

Are you looking for best paintball guns under your fixed price range? There is no need to work because here is a handful collection of wonderful sports guns that you can use to play and can have a wonderful time with your friends. In simpler words the performance and quality of such sports guns are most noticeable things that players consider before starting their game but the budget to buy a sports gun is another important factor that should be considered. There are so many types of guns available in the market but, the price range is another very important factor that you consider when buying a gun. Best paintball guns under $400 are mentioned here that will definitely make your game memorable.

RankPaintball GunPriceQualityEditor Rating
1US Army Project Salvo$A+
2Empire Paintball Mini GS$$A
3Tippmann A-5 .68$$A+
4Tippmann X7$$A
5Invert MINI $$A

Top 5 best paintball gun reviews

The best paintball guns mentioned here are worth appreciating as all these guns are really awesome. You must have a look at the paintball guns mentioned below in order to buy a paintball gun and also to maintain your budget.

1. US Army project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Sniper set

The US Army project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3 Skull Sniper set is the best gun for you to play in all weather conditions. The performance and designing of Salvo sports gun excellent that will really entertain the players and will make game pleasurable. The looks, performance, and reliability of Salvo gun is more than you have expected because its 11″ portal barrel and pica-tinny rails are worth appreciating. The mag zine of Salvo gun act as a double storage because it performs functions in two dimensions. You can also place accessories in it the rails of Salvo gun The E-trigger kit and response trigger along with cyclone feed system has increased the worth of Salvo and has made it a highly demanded one. The design of this sports device is very beautiful and up-to-dated. The gas line of Salvo is made of stainless steel that is another feature of the Salvo. The front and rear sights of the gun are adjustable and flexible. It includes an Allen wrench set and a cleansing cable that is very beautiful. It is one among the top paintball guns under 400.

US Army project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Sniper set features

  • Officially licensed by US army and it is designed for extra realistic play
  • Equipped with AR15-style-6-position folding along with a collapsible stock
  • 4 pica-tinny rails and 11 inches thick anodized barrel has made it a most precious gun
  • Jerk squeezes of the gun is 12-inches that is an ideal one
  • Contains 200 round hopper and GSG stealth mask
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2. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Another best paintball gun for you under the price range is the Empire gun. There are so many advanced features of the Empire gun that have made it a worth appreciating for you. It is also called as the best gun because it is designed and developed to an even better level. Empire gun includes a full wrap round rubber fore grip and protection from paint and other elements. The On/Off ASA system in Empire gun eliminates all that can become a problem in the removal of the tank. The simple design of the empire gun is the Redline OLED board. The new design and improved style of the gun are other advantages for you. The ASA and fore grip attachment points of this gun have increased the strength and performance of this device. The hoss less design, eyes, clamping feed and neck has made it a very important sports gun.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker features

  • Engine of this gun is pressure controlled that is really outstanding in performance
  • Eyes of this gun is break-beam and integrated
  • Firing modes of this gun is adjustable and multi-functional
  • ASA regulator is ventilated and has a regular On/OFF system
  • Wrap around the outer surface protect it from many foreign elements that can cause problem in the gun
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3. Tippmann A-5.68 E Grip

This gun is a unique and unparalleled in performance, shape, and design. It also contains an affordable, adjustable and customizable marker that is highly demanded and liked all over the world. The Tippmann gun is best for woods-ball and scenario play. Tipppmann gun is made of aluminium and is highly durable and wonderful in performance. The ability to be customized along with many other features are very appreciated. The gun offers a two year warranty period. This gun was basically designed to deliver speed and excellent performance. The entire instrument can be stripped and reassembled in the field in only 60 seconds. Tippmann gun is ranked as the best paintball gun for sale. The improved performance and design are surprisingly impressive. The sling mounts are removable and advanced. The design of the gun is wider and faster and has a clear sight line.

Tippmann A-5.68 E Grip features

  • The electronic trigger of the Hall effect is strong and magnetically active
  • The selector switch of this gun is based upon three positions that offer a wonderful service
  • The cyclone feed system of this gun can fire 15 balls per second even without batteries
  • The ergonomics are highly improved and has a longer front grip
  • A light weight gun and it is very easy to remove push pins from this device
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4. Tipmann X7 Phenom Paintball marker gun

Tipmann X7 Phenom marker gun offers an outstanding performance and design to you. Tipmann X7 is best for the players who prefer mechanical option and like the performance of FlexValve. It is also best for the players who like to invest later in electronics. The overall performance of the Tipmann X7 gun is very impressive and unique. Tipmann X7 is also called as the axe gun because its features are very unique and pretty. It is very reliable and shoots every time with a great velocity. Its performance is more in the air because it has a flex valve that has improved its reliability and work. The durability and design of this gun is better than all others. This gun is also called as the one among top sports guns under the price range because of its shape and performance.

Tipmann X7 Phenom Paintball marker gun features

  • This gun is light weight and its shooting sound is also sweet
  • “Safe-Full-Auto” is the advanced feature of this device that has made it a very precious and highly demanded gun
  • Shooting speed is high and it requires the trigger four times before the trigger is activated
  • The selector switch of this gun is based upon three positions that offer a wonderful service
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5. Invert MINI Paintball Gun-Dust Black

Invert MINI is another impressive sports gun for you. The weight of this gun is 1.99 lbs including the barrel that is an ideal weight range of all guns. Its ASA system has made it a very beautiful gun. The 9 volt battery and regulator are two worth appreciating features of this sports device. Invert MINI is the lightest and tightest electronic markers available in the market with outstanding performance and designing. Its one more advantage is the most appreciating and outstanding velocity along with consistency that has made it the most desired paintball gun. The break beam anti-chop eyes along with the of this paintball gun are two very advanced and beautiful features. The standard Multi-mode (NXL, PSP, NPPL, and Millennium) The firing capability and shooting of this paintball gun is easy and simple. It offers a one year limited warranty through National Paintball and it is highly appreciated.

Invert MINI Paintball Gun-Dust Black features

  • The trigger of the gun magnet returned and improved in performance.
  • The multi-mode firing capability of this gun is the easy tournament lockout of this device.
  • There are no Hoses for crimps and breaks
  • The anti-chop eyes are breaking the beam
  • Best paintball gun for snipping
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Final Words

All these paintball guns are the best sports devices under 400 that you should use to make your game pleasurable. All these guns help you in having a most memorable time and in developing new skills in the game. There are so many types of these guns under 400 that you can buy as per your choice and weather conditions. There are so many types of guns under 300 that you buy as per your need and desire. All above-mentioned guns under 400 are best guns that can make you happy during your game. These guns are designed according to the weather and need of the player and technology used. Some paintball guns are cheap and some are expensive. One can buy a best gun as per your budget. The choice of a paintball gun is definitely your own, but, you should consider your safety and entertainment when you are going to buy a baby walker.

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