Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50

Gaming on a budget can be tough. Between monitors, video cards, mice, and keyboards, you’ll burn through your money in a jiffy. This doesn’t bode well for vital accessories like headsets.

In today’s multiplayer world, it’s important to have both good sound and a clear microphone. Whether you’re making call-outs, listening for enemies, or just chilling out to some tunes, you’ll need a great headset to stay alert and connected. Wondering what the best gaming headset under $50 is? Check out the list below:

RankGaming HeadsetPriceQualityEditor Rating
1SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1$A+
2Beexcellent Gaming Headset$A+
3Logitech G230 Stereo$A
4Sades SA902 7.1$A-
5USB Gaming Headset-SADES$A

1. SADES Spirit Wolf USB Gaming Headset

The SADES Spirit Wolf is one of the coolest looking gaming headsets you can buy. It’s got unique angular ear cups that proudly display a light-up logo while the headset is in in use SADES sells this headset in multiple colors, letting you match the color scheme of your setup at home. Like most modern headsets, there’s a volume control and a microphone mute / unmute button built into the cord.

You want a number of features from your gaming headset. Microphone quality is perhaps most important since it lets you stay connected to your friends and fellow players. This SADES headset has some of the best audio quality you’ll experience at this price point. It’s got a retractable omnidirectional microphone that works great from pretty much any angle. You can even leave the microphone on your head. You’ll be a bit quiet, but you’ll still come through crystal clear.

The Spirit Wolf is light and comfortable. The padded ear cups house magnetic drivers that deliver impressive bass and precise 7.1-channel sound. This gives you full surround sound when you’re playing a compatible game (PUBG, notably, takes full advantage of this). You should have no problem wearing this during long gaming sessions.

There are only two small downsides to the Spirit Wolf. One, the lights stay on as long as the headset is plugged in and your computer is on If you plan on using these in your bedroom, you’ll have to shut your PC off at night or unplug your headset. Two, the ear cups are a bit big. While the headset is very light overall and there’s plenty of padding, some people report that it feels large on their heads.

Overall, the SADES Spirit Wolf is a stylish choice that offers you everything you need to play the latest multiplayer games. If you want visually distinctive headphones or surround sound, check it out!

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2. Beexcellent Gaming Headset with Mic

The Beexcellent Gaming Headset is crazy cheap. It’s a fully featured headset, offering a mic, LED lights, and a volume control built into the cord. It’s pretty stylish, too, although it’s not quite as cool looking as the Spirit Wolf.

There’s a bit of weirdness involved in the cords that the Beexcellent uses. This headset comes with a single 4 pin 3.5mm audio cable for plugging into gaming devices and phones. There’s a splitter in the box that turns this into seperate mic and headphone plugs for most PCs. In order to get the lights to work, however, you’ll need to also plug in an attached USB cable. The USB cable is only for phantom power and provides no sound input.

This isn’t the simplest situation ever, but it works fine. As a plus, this lets you keep the lights off at night without having to unplug your headset or turn off your computer.

The Beexcellent is an exceptionally comfortable headset. Each ear is very well padded and an adjustable top band helps make sure that things are sized right for your head. You’ll love wearing this headset during long gaming sessions.

As far as sound quality is concerned, the Beexcellent is pretty excellent. While the mic isn’t quite as clear as the Spirit Wolf, it’s still got an exceptional microphone for its price. The headphones deliver clear stereo sound with plenty of bass.

If you’re looking for something cheap, comfortable, and durable, this Beexcellent headset is a perfect choice. It’s got very good microphone and sound quality without being expensive, and it’s one of the most comfortable headsets on the market. While the cord situation is a bit confusing, the headset itself is great, and the ability to turn off the LED lights is a very nice plus. For people on an extreme budget, this is one of the best choices around.

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3. Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

This Logitech headset is available in a variety of styles. You can get this with a PC plug, a console plug, or even with 7.1 sound. While all 3 options are quite comparable, well focus on the PC version here.

Like the other options we’ve presented, the headset itself is very comfortable. It’s got an adjustable top band, padded ear cups, and a folding microphone. There’s a volume control with a mute switch built into the cord.

The sound quality that this headset offers is very good. The microphone is virtually indistinguishable from a much more expensive desk mic over voice comms, while the earphones deliver clear sound with remarkable bass. The Logitech software that’s included with this product can even try to emulate surround sound for games that require it It’s not perfect, but it does a pretty good approximation.

It’s clear that this product is well designed. The extra-long braided cord isn’t made from the normal plastic that you see all too often, meaning it’s less likely to short out and die on you The microphone manages to do an incredible job at reducing background noise when you’re talking, meaning it’s great for noisy environments or rooms with a fan.

While the included software will let you emulate surround sound with this headset, it’s also a pain to have on your computer. Many users prefer to uninstall it and use default Windows drivers. Still, this leaves them with a very high quality stereo headset.

If you’d like a budget headset from a more reputable brand, this Logitech headset is a great choice. It’s comfortable, it has great sound, and it’s got extra software features that give it a small edge over the competition. It’s a strong contender for the title of best headset under $50.

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4. Sades SA902 PC Gaming Headset

This headset offers an incredible array of features. The only downside? It’s not always under $50. Depending on what sales are going on, this headset might be significantly more expensive than the other models on our list. Luckily, it’s on sale pretty frequently, so it’s often priced very competitively with the options above.

Sades has spared no expense in the construction of this budget headset. It’s got a high-tensile upper band with even more padding than usual. Closed ear cups are ringed with “ventilated protein ear cushions” that do an amazing job of blocking out external sound and keeping your ears comfortable. The microphone folds up for storage and has built-in features that try to reduce background noise while you transmit. While it’s not mentioned in the marketing material anywhere, there’s also a handy volume control / mute option built into the cord.

Like the Spirit Wolf above, both the headphones and the microphone on this headset deliver excellent sound. You’ll be able to both talk and listen with exceptional clarity. The virtual 7.1 channel sound is great for games like PUBG where situational awareness is a premium.

The biggest differences between this and the Spirit Wolf are looks and comfort. This headset is just a bit more comfortable than the Spirit Wolf, probably due to the extremely flexible top band. While some red accents and LEDs make this headset pretty viusally distinctive, it’s not as cool looking as the Spirit Wolf in our opinion.

Overall, this surround headset is an incredible option for the gamer on a budget. It offers virtually unparalleled comfort, a crystal-clear microphone, and exceptionally good earphone sound. It’s a great buy for almost any gamer.

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5. Sades A60/OMG USB Gaming Headset

This SADES headset is very comparable to the Spirit Wolf. It’s got a folding mic that hides itself in the ear cup when it’s not in use, LEDs on each ear, a stylish angular design, and a volume control unit located on the cord. While there are some differences in the design of the ear shells, the biggest external difference is in color scheme. Internally, this headset offers stereo sound, while the Spirit Wolf has 7.1 channel surround sound.

While the mic on the Spirit Wolf folds up neatly into the ear cups, it’s not entirely invisible while retracted. This A60/OMG headset has slightly bulkier cups, enabling it to fully hide the microphone. Not only does this protect your mic while it’s not in use, it also helps you stay a little bit more stylish. You’ll look like you’re just wearing normal headphones.

The A60/0MG offers the same robust padding as the Spirit Wolf. It’s perfectly comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. The headset is adjustable to fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes.

Like the Spirit Wolf, the A60/0MG offers remarkable audio quality from both the microphone and the headphone drivers. It’s not completely transparent, of course, but it does a pretty good job of reproducing sounds in all frequency ranges. The microphone is particularly exceptional. You’ll be well understood by everyone on your voice comms. The A60/0MG comes with software that you can use to disguise your voice if you’re uncomfortable being yourself.

The A60/0MG is a stereo headset. Without surround sound, you might find yourself at a small disadvantage in some games. That said, surround sound isn’t that big of a deal in most games, and it’s not even an option for many. If you prefer the way these look to the Spirit Wolf and you don’t need the extra edge from surround sound, the A60/0MG is a great option.

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While all of the options on this list are strong contenders for a budget headset, we think that the Sades Spirit Wolf is the best gaming headset under $50. It’s comfortable, it’s got full surround sound, and it’s got one of the best microphones we’ve seen on a budget headset. That said, these products go on sale pretty often, and the other four options on our list are pretty darn good. While we think the Spirit Wolf has a slight edge over the competition, feel free to disagree with us or simply choose the headset that’s on the best sale. You’ll still get incredible sound, comfort, and microphone quality with everything on our list.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 22nd March, 2019

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