The 5 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100

Listening to inspiration or music can be motivational while you are working. Now, playing loud music through the home theater all over the house or the office can be a bit disturbing.

Bookshelf speakers are built to save you all the headache; the compact speakers are designed to fit anywhere in the study or the office and provide clear and detailed sound.

Here are the top 5 best bookshelf speakers under $100 that you should consider purchasing.

RankBookshelf SpeakersPriceQualityEditors Rating
1Micca COVO-S$A+
2Micca MB42$$A+
3M-Audio AV32$$A
4Dayton Audio B652-AIR$$A
5Micca MB42X$$A+

5. Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers is built using high-quality components that deliver exceptional sound quality. The speaker blends into any room and decor with its classic contour.

Micca MB42X features

  • Accurate and neutral sound signature with high-quality vocals
  • Classic design fits anywhere in the room and blends with the decor
  • Balanced, accurate, dynamic and balanced sound signature
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4. Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2″ Bookshelf Speaker

The Dayton Audio B652 is an excellent compact and smooth sound speakers that are designed to fit and perform by producing the clear and balanced sound.

Features of Dayton Audio B652

  • The speakers have 6-1/2″ woofer that delivers rich and smooth sound with punchy bass
  • Air-Motion Transformer tweeters with audiophile-level treble clarity that offers non-fatiguing sound
  • Immaculate Black ebony vinyl cabinet with removable acoustic transparent cloth grill
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3. M-Audio AV32

this speaker customizes the AV32 so that you can enjoy the same feeling as the recording producers and producers who rely on this product to make good music.

M-Audio AV32 features

  • Uncovered woofers cones for improved quality and clarity
  • Compact 3-inches woofer and 10-watt per channel amplify compatible with laptops and smartphone devices
  • RCA input for connecting DJ gear, mixers, and gaming system
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2. Micca MB42 16-Gauge Speaker

Micca MB42X 16-Gauge Speaker is a high-performance bookshelf speaker with silk dome tweeter and carbon fiber woofer that plays high-quality sounds. This particular brand comes with 16-gauge wire, 100 feet to ensure you can place the speaker where you want.

Micca MB42 Features

  • The ported enclosure that delivers extended bass and low distortion
  • Combined woofer and tweeter provide neutral and accurate sound with excellent vocals
  • Compact design that makes it fit and blend with the household
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1. Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers is another speaker from Micca that provide small packaged speaker with HD sound. This particular speaker is built using patented concentric drivers and balanced application resulting in improved sound within a room.

Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers features

  • Ported speaker enclosure that delivers maximum bass and less distortion
  • The 3-inch wool paper cone woofer with waveguide cone design improves the tweeter performance
  • PEI dome tweeter, 0.75-inch create accurate imaging and crystal clear treble
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We hope you find the information above useful, the list of the best 5 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $100 help you select the favorable bookshelf speaker without spending more than you can afford.
All of the above product are available in the stores and are among the popular in the market.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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