Top 5 Best Zero Turn Mower under $5000

If you have a garden or a lawn and you want to mow your lawn by saving your time and other hassles, you have come to the right place. This article has been written after doing a long-term online and offline research works as well as reading all customer reviews. This will be your perfect buying guideline contained accurate information, comparisons, tips, and references about choosing the best zero turn mower under $5000.

The mower that can turn radially into zero degrees is called a zero turn mower. The ability to pivot across 180 degrees allows the owner cutting down all weeds without abandoning any uncut weeds. A zero turn lawn mower can turn into any angle or circle of radius. This type of machine will give you clear-cut finishing and faster mobility while mowing, also within your limited budget.

RankZero Turn MowerQualityEditor Rating Price
1Husqvarna 967271501A+ Check Amazon
2Poulan Pro P46ZXA+ Check Amazon
3Husqvarna 967324101A Check Amazon
4Poulan Pro 967331001A Check Amazon
5Husqvarna MZ61A- Check Amazon

How to choose the best zero turn mower?

Buying the best zero turn mower can be a thrilling but daunting task since it may make you confused as there are more than hundred types of mower machines available in the markets. So, when going to buy the best zero turn mower, don’t want it buying based on the price margin. Choosing a cheaper machine may turn into an expensive one, since you may need to spend money to maintain or repair. On the other hand, buying an expensive mower machine could be the worst decision, since it may have a bigger deck, or it may have more horsepowers, or it may contain unnecessary features that you don’t really need right now.

Before buying your desired zero turn mower under 5000 dollars, you can question yourself:

  • Do you need a zero turn mower only for cutting the grass?
  • Do you need some attachments with the mower such as a bagger?
  • How many acres do you need to cut?
  • Do you need to haul something such as rollers, aerators, yard carts, etc?
  • How often do you use your mower?

Remember, a residential mower is for using only entry level purposes. This machine gives optimal quality at the flat lawns that have no slopes, ditches or uneven rocky terrain. The average mowing speed of these entry level mower is 4-5 mph, which can cut your lawn 30% faster than a usual lawn tractor. The average deck size of these mowers is 30 to 46 inches. The only complaint or negative review was given by user about entry level mower is lacking the ability to use on sloping lands.

5 best zero turn mower for the money

John Deere was the first man who has invented zero turn mower. Since then the machine has become popular to garden enthusiasts. If you want to get the best zero turn mower under $5000, you can go to my below lists, which have been selected after lots of research works that are made under strict supervision as well as complete dedication.

1) Husqvarna 967271501 Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower

This is one of the best zero turn mowers that is also known as top-rated. The popularity of this model has been revealed through the customer reviews. Almost everything of a lawn mower has been packed into this machine. On the other hand, Husqvarna is considered the best brand in the lawn mower industry. The 6.5 mph speed of this mower made this as an ideal lawn mower which is decorated into 46 inches cutting deck. The hydro–gear hydrostatic transmission enables this machine to operate smoothly. Some other important features of this machine are Air induction mowing technology, stamped steel cutting deck, clear headlight, digital hour meter and easy to access control systems.

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2) Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Radius Riding Mower

This one of the best quality zero turn mower that is made for both residential and commercial purpose. If your main concern is the performance, durability, and comfort, you should consider buying this one. The strong two blades steel deck size 46 inches is one of the most powerful features of this machine. The dual hydrogen EZT system enables this machine to cut from 1.5 inches to 4 inches properly. It can speed up to 6 mph and its fuel capacity is 3.5 gallons. The other notable features of this machine include foam padded hand grip, dual levers, 3 anti-scalp rollers along with a nose roller.

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3) Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower

One of the first thing about this machine that it is noisy, but it run fairly smooth that you begin to ignore its noise. You can use this mower in the hilly land that is under 15 degree or lower slope. You will really like its anti-slip foot area and its headlight. I think, You may also find a design flaw into this machine that is lacking a fuel gauge. Some other features of this machine that should be mentioned are excellent designed bearing surfaces, chrome plated valves, and premium air filtration. Also, the oversized cooling fan of this mower makes it extreme durable for extreme performance.

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4) Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro

This under $5000 mower will be liked for its superior speed and maneuverability. You can mow your big lawns and all obstacles. This is the best zero turn mowers for its big fuel tank (3.5 gallons), powerful engine for longer mowing times. For your security, you will get 10 years warranty from the seller. Poulan Pro 967331001 zero turn mower contains dual wheel hydro transmission enable its driver maximum maneuverability.

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5) Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower

The first thing that should be told first about this zero turn mower machine is its comfortability. A high back seat and perfect high armrests will give you comfort sitting on the mower for a long time. Fabricated heavy-duty steel deck, easy operator interface, and commercial hydraulic system will give you a superior mowing experience. Husqvarna MZ61 has 27HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance v-twin engine, 61-inch cutting deck, and Hydrostatic Gear Transmission.

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Important features that should be checked before buying the best zero turn mower

Check the Control level:

Most of the zero turn mowers come with the feature-lap bars. A good type of mower can be adjustable for different sizes of operators. There should be a rubber grip and most importantly those are a shock absorber.

Check Ease of Use feature:

Driving the zero turn mower is slightly different than driving a traditional tractor. While going to buy a mower, it will be better to sit down on the deck of the mower and check how it feels to sit, and how it is comfortable to handle.

Check Durability:

Most of the zero turn mower users found a problem with the transmissions. A zero turn mower will last longer if it is only used on a flat land. Of course, it should be maintained properly. If you use your zero turn mower on a sloppy land and use it for pulling staffs, the mower will not last long. It has been observed that most of the zero turn mower cannot go over 5 mph while mowing. So, check the instruction papers of the mower or discuss with the provider, if you intended to work at any sloppy land.

Check what other attachments are available at your mower:

Before buying your desired mower, you should check what other attachments are available with your mower that you may need while mowing. Though there is no limitation regarding available attachments, you can check whether your machine has Aerator, Bagger, Sweeper, Roller, Brush, Snow Plow, Snow Blower, Dump Cart, Trailer, Spreader, Mulcher, Dethatcher, Sprayer, Leaf Trailer, Leaf Vacuum, etc.

Consider the deck size that meets your demand:

Finding the right deck size for your lawn or garden is essential. You should choose your deck size based on how it fits at your: gates, flower beds, around trees, etc. Also, you should consider checking how the deck is made of, is there any anti-scalping wheel, how the spindles of the mower made of how it works at obstacles.

Check the Engine:

Not all mower engines are built with the same equipments. Different brands use different types of engines. But there is some company who uses lower types of motors to keep their cost down. Some of the common engines that are used in the mowers are Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton. Keep in mind that the engine that’s average horsepower is 19-24, is the best for your lawn. The best type of engine usually are: 700cc, the cylinder walls are made of cast-iron, and its shaft may be V-Twin Vertical. These good quality engines also have crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons and overhead valve.

Check the Comfort level:

One of the important things that you should check before buying your mower is the comfort level. After entering the shop, you should envision some things regarding this comfort level, these are:

  • Do the seat seems comfortable?
  • Can you adjust your seat according to need?
  • Do your armrest in a comfortable position?
  • Is the back of the seat is high to give you good support when operating?

Final Words

So, which one is the best zero turn mower under 5000 dollar? If you are not still sure about this decision, read the top reviews and look at all available offers. I am sure, these 5 zero turn mowers are at the top of the lists available at markets. There are no more machines under $5000 that can offer better than these upper 5 machines. So, don’t wait for more, Check the upper reviews again and buy anyone from the top. We can bet that your money will be paid back by facilities.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 22nd March, 2019

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