Top 5 Best Telescopes Under $200

Are you looking for a great quality telescope and do not want to break the bank? Yes, this is possible, for stargazers who enjoy the exciting views in the night time sky. Some people spend even thousands of dollars in their pursuit for the latest telescope. The best budget for telescopes should not scare you from buying your loved one their dream gift for their birthday.

You can get the best telescopes under $200! Here are some of our best reviews of high-quality telescopes you should consider in your next purchase:

RankTelescopePriceQualityEditor Rating
1Gskyer Telescope, AZ70400$A+
2Celestron 21035 70mm$A
3Gskyer Telescope,AZ70700$$A+
4Celestron 127EQ$A-
5Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ$A

1. Gskyer AZ70400 Astronomy Telescope Travel Refractor

The optical film glass optical lens transmission is about 99%. It has very precise imaging and stellar visual effect, very suitable for youth interested in astronomy and viewing the skies. The lens is composed of aluminum alloy and optical glass ZF4 with a massive caliber non-dispersive. The lens has a multilayer green film which is plated to help protect the eyes of the user in the long term.

The telescope has a primary lens barrel which is made of metal with the latest German technology infused in it. It has environmental friendly paint which is durable and of high quality. The aluminum coating is thick, stable, lasting and firm. The height is adjustable to allow the user have a variety of viewing options. The telescope comes with a bag pack which protects the telescope and preserves it giving it long life and service to the buyer.

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2. Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

This telescope was designed with travel in mind and also offering a great lens. The travel range is durable and stable. These key features add up to the telescope’s value giving you a lifelong pleasure with a low cost.

The telescope has portable and compact designs with optimum optical performance. The Celestron is portable and compact for casual as well as terrestrial astronomy.

The telescope has a glass optical element for crisp images which produces clear images. It allows the user to erect the picture diagonal so that all views are correctly seen, and it has a smooth functioning altazimuth mount with the secure pointing device to find objects.

It is coated with aluminum to give the tripod stand a sturdy stance. This telescope is also quick to assemble from the packaging box. It comes with the latest SkyX-First Light Edition astronomy software with over 10,000 object database with enhanced images and printable sky maps.

The telescope has an excellent working mechanism and is considered portable and inexpensive. Its aperture has an outstanding performance given its size and will provide all your needs. You will get a superb view of the moon and also some parts of Jupiter. It has great magnification to see any terrestrial objects you are searching for in a night sky.

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3. Gskyer AZ70700 Telescope

Gskyer Telescope has the latest German technology. Telescopes are meant to offer learning and a lot of fun. Most buyers and astronomy enthusiast rush to buy telescopes that in the long run do not meet their standards. The telescope is made of altazimuth mount to provide super quality optical views at a superb value. For beginners in astronomy, the refracting telescope is an excellent way to explore the outdoors and the far beyond.

If you are looking for a starter telescope, this 70mm will give you sharp and crisp quality images for your celestial and land adventures. You can have a view of Saturn and its rings, details of the moon, the moons of Jupiter or terrestrial objects.

There is no limitation to what this telescope can see, so buy one today!

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4. Celestron 127EQ Power Seeker Telescope

This masterpiece is ideal for keen astronomers looking for their first telescope in their adventure in astronomy. The Celestron 127 EQ Power Seeker provides its users with a powerful tool to explore the marvels and beauty of the night sky. The telescope boasts of being one of the best telescopes reviewed that is under $ 200. The telescope is of high quality with the award winning brand alongside. The Celestron 127 EQ Power Seeker is a reflector telescope. This means that the mirrors gather light from a source and reflect the image for viewing.

Mirrors are used to produce a lower cost telescope than the lenses, so this type of reflective telescope offers more value per inch aperture.

The Celestron 127EQ has a wider aperture which is ideal for a beginner in astronomy and view the moon in great detail. Any good telescope needs top notch optical element for you to get the most of the telescope. The components of the telescope are made from glass and coated with reflective aluminum to give it a definitive and refined look.

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5. Celestron Power Seeker 70EQ Telescope

The Telescope has easy setup and clear optical views of the terrestrial, planets and moon, no wonder the Power Seeker 70EQ is a sensational telescope among the starter of astronomy. It has a finder scope attachment that makes it easy to view and locate items.

It has an easy setup and no-tool setup with user-friendly characters. The Power Seeker 70EQ has a high transmission coating which creates fantastic images with an enhanced brightness and pictures that make it ideal for terrestrial and celestial viewing.

The telescope is one of your first steps to a happy astronomy adventure and secondly is a clear night sky.

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Final Words

There are many outlandish claims on the department store telescopes that are considered cheap compared to the powerful telescopes sold in thousands of dollars.

You can, however, get a great quality telescope under $ 200. It may not track the whole sky, but it will get the job done for all the basic astronomy needs.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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