The 5 Best Massage Chair under $2000

Many of us used to think that no living room or home spa is complete without a perfect massage chair. So, you may be searching for the best chair from the markets. Of course, you might have a budget problem. That’s Why we have tried to give you a complete guide to choosing the best massage chair under 2000. Our guideline has been created after spending a lot of time reading customer’s feedback, doing market research and checking the most popular chair models. Stay with us, if you really want to buy the best massage chair.

5 Best Massage Chair for the Money

RankMassage ChairQualityEditor Rating Price
1Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800A+ Check Amazon
3Valued Massage Chair A Check Amazon
4Real Relax Massage ChairA Check Amazon
5Titan Pro- AlphaA- Check Amazon

 1) Space-Saving Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

The LM-6800 Kahuna Massage Chair has been designed with L-track frame to include 4 Roller Massage Systems. The chair includes air-cell massage system which can massage your hips, waist, arms, and shoulder effectively. You may know that the Zero Gravity Position is called the perfect position to enjoy the body massage. The chair will allow you positioning into zero gravity in 3 stages. This can relieve your stress and gives you an intense massage experience. The chair uses space-saving technology.

The Kahuna Massage Chair can scan your body size to give you the perfect custom fit body massages. For your convenience, you will also get a remote holder and foot padding. The 5 Manual Massage Techniques along with 6 Auto Programs will give you a superior body massage experience.

This best massage chair will give you a limited warranty service. You just need to register online and enjoy your warranty service. The warranty limited to 3 years including labor, body parts, and structural framework. The only shortages that we found while researching about this product are its non-transferable warranty issue.

2) RELAX MK-II PLUS Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The RELAX CHAIR offers you rejuvenating massage within your affordability and superior quality. The chair will give you some special features like some top rated chairs which are almost twice or thrice of the total price. That means you can use this best massage chair within your limited budget. The Zero Gravity feature of this chair will allow you relieving your discomforts of back pain. The Relaxon Chair is a Buttlock L-Track Massage System.

The innovative rollers are designed to confirm your spine’s natural shape all the way lower to upper. Especially, the L-Track innovation system is more beneficial for those who have low back pain and sore glute muscles. This chair features 4 complete automatic programs for your full body stretching. The large screen can visualize all functions easily.

There are 2 heating pads that are replaced in the lumbar area to avoid aching muscles and relieve tension. We found only one problem about this chair is its instruction manual wasn’t written well because some explanations of the manual were incomplete.

3) Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you want to get a luxury massage chair at an affordable price without compromising any quality, then you should get for Shiatsu massage chair. This is one of the best massage chairs under 2000 dollars that will give you a therapeutic massage to melt your daily stresses away. The chair uses a button to go for 3 zero gravity positioning.

There are 4 Auto Programs along with 3 manual programs to help you get full control. The quad back roller is movable and soundproof. The Shiatsu Chair is an “S” shape chair with double-layer front cushion and a neck pillow for your best comfort.

The Therapeutic Airbags of this chair will massage your full body, and the Kneading ball will give you the ultimate relaxation. Most of the massage chair deliver only 15 to 20-minute continuous massage while the Shiatsu Chair will give you up to 30 minuites uninterrupted massage session. If you buy this chair you will get a 3-year limited warranty on structural metal frame and electronic parts.

4) Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

The Real Relax Body Massage Chair will give a professional massage experience. It has 8 massage points works with other programs togetherly and provide you a full body massage from your leg to head. The chair was designed with 50 airbags which are placed at different potions i.e. legs, seat, arms, and shoulder. There are 4 preset automatic programs to give you better relaxation.

Moreover, the zero-gravity feature of this chair is perfect for a professional massage experience. The armrest linkage system is embedded with arm clip, and the foot roller system functions more effectively than the foot airbags. Two more benefits that we should mention about this chair are: it has waist heather that will promote your blood circulation and also improve metabolism; and it has seat massager to heat, vibrate and air squeeze.

This chair has 2 wheels at its back to move it easily. The chair uses Pu leather which is easy to clean. The manufacturer of this product will give you a 3 year limited warranty period.

5) Titan Pro- Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

The Titan Pro- Alpha will give you L Track massage and provide full support and comfort by delivering all of the benefits. The chair Titan has innovated some new features, functions, and design which will give you an extended comfort from your neck to hamstrings. If we want to discuss its features, we should tell about its new arm design. Also, the L-Track roller designs will enable you to remove yours under buttock pain.

The Titan Pro will save your home space for its comfortable size. The chair can bear maximum 250lb weight and 6.3” height. You can enjoy music while using this chair because it has a Bluetooth speaker, memory slot, and connection function. You can assemble this product within few minutes using only a power cable and an air pipe.

Really, this is one of the best massage chairs under $2000 with innovative design and superior functionality. The only negative thing we just found is its instruction manual that is not clear, so some people may find it difficult to assemble and operate.

Important Tips on choosing the best massage chair

Selecting the right massage chair is completely a serious business. If you know the basics important things of a massage chair, your buying decision can be worthy of your money. Below are some common tips to find your suitable massage chair.

  • Identify what type of massage chair do you need? To relax or to relieve pain?
  • How much can you spend for your massage chair? Fix your budget.
  • Do you have enough space to keep your massage chair? Check the empty space for your future furniture.
  • Take help from google to find your suitable model.
  • Shortlist some chairs and gather details to compare.
  • Check the warranty issues.
  • Check previous customers reviews.

Since, we are writing about the “best massage chair under $2000” review article, it is our duty to check all of the buying issues for you. We do our best and have spent a lot of times to refer you the 5 best products. You can check out these honest reviews before buying your desired massage chair.

To Sum Up

Of course, a massage chair can provide long-lasting health benefits. The chair is also good for sleeping as well as mental well-being. Your invest in a massage chair will not be wasted because the chair will improve your health condition in exchange your money.

If you think that our guide is helpful, then all of our hard work will be rewarded. Please, get in touch with us and don’t forget to share your experience new chair.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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