The 5 Best Lawn Mowers under 300 Dollars

Are you looking for the 5 best lawn mowers under $300? There are a lot of lawn mowers in the market and one can get easily carried away by the prices and get their eyes off the real deal which is actually the quality and work-ability. This posts seeks to ease this task of having to go through a list of so many mowers and narrows down to 5 of the best with considerations on various price ranges and not only on how they compete on price.

Top 5 Budget Lawn Mowers Reviews

The 5 best mowers and their characteristic features are as below

RankLawn MowerPriceQualityEditor Rating
1Remington 22-Inch$$A+
2GreenWorks 25022$A+
3GreenWorks Pro GLM801600$$A+
5Sun Joe iON16LM 40$A

1. Remington 22-inch Trimmer Lawn Mower

This type of mower does offer one of the best performances even in the toughest conditions. The 22-inch trimmer is designed such that it enables use in situations with tall grass as well as weeds. The performance is so good it works like the implement is cutting on an ordinary lawn. The machine’s offset decks are also an important addition. The decks do allow for operations against walls as well as fences.

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  • It uses a standard .155 diameter trimmer line
  • The 14-inch ball-bearing wheels do allow for easy mobility across terrains that are rough
  • The handles folding are comfortable thus very convenient for transportation as well as storage.

2. GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower

The power source for this type of mower can be described in a few words—it is self-propelled and weighs approximately 56 pounds. For those looking for aesthetic and perfection of an electric device this is the right machine for them.

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  • It has top gear adjustable features. This includes a 7 height adjustment position. This height gives the user the option of what height or level of grass within the lawn do they want to be mowed.
  • The choice of adjusting the power cable externally is also something to look forward to. This enables more reach within the lawn.
  • Versatility is enabled by it having a 21-inch cutting deck.
  • It offers diversity in its working as it can even work as a mulching mower. It also has the ability to separate the grass clippings.
  • The blade power ensures that the grass chopping is done with a lot of precision.

3. GreenWorks Pro

This mower is battery-powered. In most of the cordless electric lawn mowers it is hard to come by longer run times on battery power. As a result, this mower’s runtime is not only surprising but also a brand statement in its own right.

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  • Its reliability is only comparable to gas mowers and unlike the gas mowers, it can be seen to be able to deliver a pollution free work time.
  • The mower also offers a high range of compatibility when it comes to its battery.
  • This mower offers rear bagging, mulching and side discharging of grass which is a 3 in 1.
  • The mower also has better weight levels which help with the lawn.

4. BLACK+DECKEr Trimmer and Mower

This is a very suitable mower for landscaping but can be trimmer, edger as well as a makeshift mower in a petite package. When one has a lawn that is less than 1200 square feet this is the ideal mower.

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  • This mower has a power drive transmission
  • It has a pivoting handle
  • Has an adjustable height trimmer and deck.
  • Works as a trimmer, mower and edger
  • Has both the corded and cordless version.

5. Sun Joe Lawn with Brushless Motor

This is also another important mower in the field of gasless machines. It offers an important opening in the field of electric lawn mower operations. This mower has the ability to cut in as much as 6 different heights. It is very soundproof and does not produce any considerable noise.

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  • It is a walk behind lawn mower
  • This mower is cordless and electric
  • Has a cutting deck that is 16 inches
  • The options of the cutting height are 6
  • It is very appropriate for small lawns due to its compact design Final words

Personally, I do believe that I have done my part in guiding you in the best type of lawn mowers based on their varied features. It is my belief that you will pick on any of the five based on your budget and preferences. The important thing is that all the five lawn mowers do have the binding factor of what one wants in their lawn mower.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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