5 Best Iron Set under $500 for Golf

We love playing golf so that we are writing about the best iron set under $500. Our experience and insights have been expressed in this article.

If you are a beginner or a golf expert, you just need to invest money and time to buy a quality iron set to face the challenges in golf games.  A good set of a golf club can be your best friend or can be your worst enemy.

You don’t need to depend on your fate. You just need to spend few times to try out different brands, so you can figure out the best iron sets comfortably. There are several iron sets that are good for both the expert and the novice golfer. We have reviewed different brands keeping that in our mind.

Top 5 Best Golf Irons under $500

RankIron SetsQualityEditor Rating Price
1TaylorMade Men'sA+ Check Amazon
2MAZEL Single LengthA+ Check Amazon
3Adams Golf Women’sA Check Amazon
4TaylorMade Men'sA Check Amazon
5TaylorMade B1261807A- Check Amazon

1. TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner HL Iron Set

This Iron set delivers excellent performance that meets explosive distance and peak trajectory. The COR face design enables the iron to maximize the ball speed. The Low CG provide you great feel higher launch. The head is designed carefully with high MOI that delivers stability and forgiveness. The CG is placed for the powerful shot by optimizing higher lofts. There is a Speed Pocket of the iron set that provides more ball speed and higher launch. The thicker topline, longer blade length, and more offset help to increase confidence.

Listed special features of TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner HL Iron Set

  • The optimized lofts allow users to make the consistent shot and gapping.
  • The larger head shape and High MOI head design are useful for forgiveness and confidence.
  • The thin and fast faces with low CG provide higher distance and trajectory.

2. MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set

The word ‘MAZEL’ comes from an old language that means “Good Luck”. Since 2002 the MAZEL brings the best luck to many golfers. One Length allows more consistent feel, easier and repeatable swing. The single length iron provides more confident and comfortable while striking the ball. The 6i-SW design with polished surface give strong structure and provide superior performance. The 4-5 irons deliver more precision to hit. The MAZEL is easy to hold and absorb sweat. Moreover, this iron can eliminate unwanted vibration while hitting a ball that means you will feel stable and comfortable.

Listed Special Features of MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set

  • The lower center of gravity allows the player to hit straighter and longer.
  • The high-performance rubber grip provides good hand feeling and shock absorption.
  • The 431 stainless steel irons provide good accuracy and sending the ball to more further distance.

3. Adams Golf Women’s F7530003 Golf Combo Set

The Adams Golf Women’s F7530003 is equipped with an easy launch system that enables the ball lift into the air. The slot of the irons provides more speed and more flax. The low CG allows more speed and more spin.

Listed Special Features of Adams Golf Women’s F7530003 Golf Combo Set

  • The SlimTech Shaft allows more kick.
  • The Low CG keep the CG low allowing more speed and spin on each shot.
  • The Velocity Slot TechnologyTM offers more speed and more flex.

4. TaylorMade Men’s Aeroburner HL Combo Set

The TaylorMade Men’s Aeroburner HL Combo Set provides higher lofts and meets explosive distance. The Up to the limit COR face design enables more speed and the Low CG provide greater feel and higher launch. The Speed Pocket provides more speed and higher launch on mis-hits. In order to increase confidence, the TaylorMade offers longer blade length.

Listed Special Features of TaylorMade Men’s Aeroburner HL Combo Set

  • The Optimized lofts help to make consistent shot and gapping.
  • The High MOI head design along with bigger head shape allows more forgiveness and confidence.
  • The thin iron shape along with low CG provide increased distance as well as high trajectory.

5. TaylorMade B1261807 Aero burner Graphite Iron Set

The Taylormade Aeroburner HL features a speed pocket which is configured for higher launch and more speed. The longer blade length, thicker top line, and more offset give the player maximum confidence. The 60 graphite shafts allow higher ball flight. The Up to limit Cor face design provide more ball speed and low CG provides stability and forgiveness.

Listed Special Features of TaylorMade B1261807 Aero burner

  • The High MOI head design allows more stability and forgiveness
  • The UP to the limit COR face design allows the ball getting more speed.
  • The Low CG produces high launch as well as great feelings.

What should you look before buying iron sets?

To answer that above critical question, you should show some of your due diligence. If you are a beginner, you should keep your eyes wide often for not missing any great iron set. Here are are some important tips for you to find the best iron sets under $500 for Golf.

Check the types of Irons: There are two iron types: Forged Irons and Cast irons. In order to make forged irons, the metal is hammered to get the desired shape. It requires proper grinding, milling, and polishing to get solid looking. Typically, expert players give high concentration on the forged irons to control trajectory. On the other hand, the cast irons are typically cheaper than the forged irons. Using cast iron materials the manufactures can give more complex head design.

Check the designs of Irons: The blade irons featured a thin face and a compact hitting area. The center of the head is called “sweet spot” where the entire weight is distributed. The blade irons are able to shape a shot and offers more feel. On the other hand, the cavity back irons concentrating more weight in the back of the head. The added weight of the clubhead increases the Moment of Intertia. The cavity back irons give longer flying shot which is straighter than a blade iron.

Check the Shafts: Steel is a widely chosen shaft for irons because steel is much heavier and stronger than graphite. The stainless steel or carbon steel is able to produce more accurate and consistent shot and less flex. Moreover, the steel shafts are more durable and cheap than the others. On the other hand, the graphite shaft is more flexible and lightweight which enable you to get more swing speed than steel shafts. One drawback of this graphite shaft is its increased price range.

Another less common method is the Multi-Material Shafts. This is shafts that have been constructed of both graphite and steel in one shaft. The steel section is able to produce more flight while the graphite tip adds some extra speed into the ball. The graphite tip decreases the shake after hitting the ball.

The Takeaway

These are all the best iron sets under $500 for golf. These iron sets got rare attention so that they are slipped by many players. Whatever we have suggested, you should ensure that your iron set is a good fit for you. Hope, you will find your desired one on the list.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 22nd March, 2019

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