Top 5 Best Earbuds under $20 with Reviews

Everyone around the universe uses earbuds to listen to music, play games and watch movies daily. Convenience, ease of operation, portability and lightness are the most important properties considered by buyers of earbuds. The affordability of earbuds does not mean that they are all low quality. It just takes a little research and testing to find your ideal choice. Luckily for you, the 5 best earbuds under $20 have been comprehensively reviewed here to make your search a lot easier and faster.

5 Best Earbuds for the Money (under $20)

RankEarbudsQualityEditor Rating Price
1Mpow Jaws V4.1A+ Check Amazon
2ROVKING Running HeadphonesA+ Check Amazon
3MEE audio Sport-Fi M6A Check Amazon
4SoundPEATS WirelessA Check Amazon
5Skullcandy Ink'd 2 EarbudA- Check Amazon

1. Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headset

The Mpow Jaws V4.1 comes with everything you will ever need from earbuds, and more They are built to offer durability, convenience of storage, great portability, flexibility and reliability, as well as unmatched powerful operation.

These earbuds feature the CVC6.0 technology for noise cancelling, making it easier to listen to your music without distraction from background noise. This in turn offers crisp-clear high quality sound. With its Bluetooth 4.1 technology, Mpow Jaws earbuds offer reliable wireless connection to other Bluetooth enabled devices that are within a radius of up to 10 meters, hence ideal for handsfree receiving of calls.

Weighing only 1.2 oz., which makes them 60% lighter than their counterparts, these earbuds offer maximum portability. These earbuds boast of an ergonomic design that features a durable silicone neckband for comfort when worn, as well as a shark-like magnet design that offers convenient storage for the earplugs. They also come with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 13 hours of continuous operation and 350 hours of standby charge. At just under 20 buck, you can order for a set of these incredible Mpow Jaws earbuds and stay connected wherever you go.

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2. ROVKING Running Headphones

Listening to music, podcasts or other sounds during workout has been proven to motivate individuals through the rigorous process. The ROVKING running headphones are built just for that, with overhead pliable over-ear loops and small-sized ergonomically designed earbuds for a secure and comfortable fit. These earbuds are sweat proof thus offer uninterrupted running, cardio, jogging, weight lifting and other high-intensity exercises as they stay in place even when exposed to sweat.

Even though these ROVKING earbuds are not Bluetooth enabled, they feature an extra-long thick and tangle-free cord, a microphone and remote that gives you the benefit of handsfree phone call and music control, making it convenient when exercising. Its lightweight design is also to be applauded as it ensures ultimate mobility, which is important for running, jogging and working out in the gym.

These earbuds make use of the noise isolating technology to deliver bass, unlike most earbuds, as well as crisp and clear high quality sound. The ROVKING running earbuds are fully compatible with your Phone, Pad, Pod, smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, laptop or computer, offering the ultimate level of convenience that makes them everyone’s favorite sports and music companion.

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3. MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 Headphones

With the Sport-Fi M6 MEE Audio headphones being sports earbuds, there is no doubt that they are built to endure toughness without compromising on sound quality. The MEE Audio M6 headphones are present in black, clear, pink, orange, white, purple and teal color schemes from which to choose.

Featuring the memory wire that provides over-ear fitting, its secure locked-in fit is perfectly safe and comfortable for any workout session. Given the ergonomic earpiece design, you will enjoy long-lasting comfort as well as energetic sound with enhanced bass, thanks to its noise isolation feature. This device offers IPX5 certified sweat-resistance and water-resistance thus perfect for exercising. They can actually be worn under a helmet.

Since these MEE Audio earbuds are designed for running, jogging, cardio and weight lifting among other sports that are intense and rough, it is no doubt that their durability is not compromised. To cater for wear and tear, there are 6 sets of ear tips included with these earbuds. It also has a manufacturers warranty of 1 year, the MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 headphones actually offer great value for their price.

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4. SoundPEATS 0900 Wireless Headset

Having total control of your music and calls during workout allows you stay in touch and motivated. The SoundPEATS 0900, an upgrade from the previous 0800, is laden with features that ensure you stay connected wherever and whenever you want to hit the road or gym.

Featuring a body-contoured neckband design made of shape-memory alloy material that is ultra-light, this headset offers all-day comfort regardless of where you want to use it Its IPX4-rated sweat-resistance and water-resistance prevents damage from sweat or water during workouts, thanks to the Liquipel Nano that coats the earbuds. When not in use, you don’t need to worry about the earbuds precariously dangling over your shoulders. Instead, the headphone features the magnetic EZ-lock design for you to stick your earpieces to the neckband, which offers perfect storage and protection when not in use.

The SoundPEATS 0900 headset offers unlimited fun and entertainment when exercising or relaxing. On a 2-hour single charge, its 180mAH battery allows for up to 10 hours of working time and 240-300 hours of standby time, which is way beyond the expectations from an under $20 headset. This headset’s wireless handsfree operation makes connection to your Bluetooth devices a cinch. Even better is its vibration that notifies you of incoming calls, thus keeping you in touch even when working out in a noisy place.

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5. Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbuds

Even with a total of 17-color scheme choices, the Skullcandy Ink’d 2 earbuds still maintain its minimalist design. Its in-ear design is perfect for passive noise isolation, allowing you to enjoy the best sound quality even in noisy environments.

The Skullcandy Ink’d 2 is designed for comfort and high-quality sound production, thanks to its 11mm speaker drivers that feature neodymium magnets that ensure full-range sound with natural vocals, booming bass and precision highs. Its earbud sleeves are made of silicone gel and come in 2 additional sizes for a perfect fit. It also features a nylon braided cable measuring 13 meters long, with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug.

For anyone searching for supreme sound quality that will take you to another pitch-perfect world, then these Skullcandy earbuds are the ideal choice. They are compact, simplistic, lightweight, and durable. They come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and produce the best sound youVe ever wished for, all these at just $15.

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Final Words

The power of music or sound can only be enjoyed against a quiet background, the real reason that makes these 5 best earbuds inder 20 dollars are the best bet for the money. Built with intelligent technologies, perfect compact and lightweight designs, durable materials and other ultra-modern features, these earbuds guarantee you the highest sound quality at such unbelievably affordable prices.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 22nd March, 2019

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