Top 5 Best Drones under $30 for Beginners

Drones have become a must have item in nearly every mans toy box. With fathers day coming up, getting your dad a drone would certainly show that you care. But with the average price of drones being over 100 dollars are there any that offer the thrills but at a much lower price. We take a look at the good drones for beginners. Here are the top 5 that i think are the best drones under $30.

RankDronePriceQualityEditor Rating
1GoolRC T36 Drone$$A+
3JJRC H36 $A+
4Virhuck T915$$A-

1. GoolRC T36 Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

  • The battery of the device can last for a long time
  • It has 6-Axis Gyro with one key return option
  • User-friendly and easy maneuverability
  • The speed control is classic and will not pose any problem to users

GoolRC T36 mini RC quadcopter are one of the best simulators in the market today. The truth is that the GoolRC T36 RC drone remains different from other products. Its headless mode function will help you fly this RC drone to any location without stress. It is designed with a sophisticated FPV real-time transmission that picks wireless signals. This helps you have the feeling of flying a real aircraft. It has one key return option to find home easily and you get 2 bonus battery free when you purchase! this product remains the best choice to buy.

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2. EACHINE H8C Quadcopter With 2.0MP HD Camera

  • One key return function to find home direction easily
  • Built-in 2.0mp camera for capture photo/video
  • 360 roll button for that 360 flip.


This is another best quadcopter for beginners. For it’s eye catching design and function, you have the feeling of flying a real aircraft.  This nice drone has headless mode, so its not needed to adjust position of aircraft before flying. Its six axis controller means it can go virtually in any direction and with 2.0mp camera one can still take good photos (drone selfie anyone?) and videos. It has one key return function which helps to find home direction easily.

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3. JJRC H36 Mini

  • LED lights.
  • Gyroscope stabilized flight.
  • 360 flip. its got no camera though but its still a lot of fun for not much the price.

This mini drone is great for both indoor and outdoor use It comes with blade guards as well making it perfect for indoor use and with its ultra low price of just over $20. Also this is the cheapest drone in our list. You can get a couple and create an obstacle course and race them. It has a simple game pad style controller, levels itself so it’s almost impossible to crash and even if you do it’s okay because it has got blade shrouds.

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4. Virhuck T915 RC Drone

  • Versatile flight modes with slow, medium, and high speeds.
  • One key return.
  • Inverted flight and 360 flips.

The T915 is a hobbyist drone suited more for indoor use or windless outdoor use that everyone can enjoy. Its lightweight and sturdy construction and radical design make it a definite eye catcher and its sky camo paint looks great. I think its the best looking of the bunch.

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  • Turns to the remotes direction.
  • Will fly back to the remote or find the remote with its home button.
  • 360 roll over function.

This drone is practically a boredom combatant coming in vivid green and contrasting black this tiny drone is meant for in home use. compact and light make this ultra portable. with its features and number of tricks is basically a pet. it can roll fly upside down which is great for ones amusement.

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Final Words

I chose all the best budget drone under $30 based on a number of factors the main one being the had to be under price range. All these drones are great fun, cheap and easy to maintain so they’ll make great drones for beginners. though I would have liked to see cameras in each of the drones, so they all make great toys

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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