Top 5 Best Bike Helmets under $100

If you looking to buy the best bike helmets without breaking the bank, check out our top list. You will find that all of the helmets from our list are made for the safety of beginner, or younger riders. Some people spend a lot of money to buy the perfect bike helmet. We have listed 5 best bike helmets under $100 that you can purchase on your budget.

RankBike HelmetQualityEditor Rating Price
1Premium Quality AirflowA+ Check Amazon
2Giro Revel CyclingA+ Check Amazon
3Bell SanctionA Check Amazon
4Raskullz Unicorn HelmetA Check Amazon
5Basecamp ZoomA- Check Amazon

Below is the list of 5 best bike helmets that you will love surely.

1) Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet

This is a TeamObsidian’s high-quality helmet that is very durable, lightweight, slim, and good looking. It is made through in-mold advanced technology from the American Made EPS. The Chin Pads is Eco-friendly, washable, soft and comfortable to fit your chin. There are two different sizes available in the market that can fit into anyone’s head properly.

The helmet doesn’t compromise on comfort and safety. It is made with solid construction and great ventilation. This sleek-matt helmet uses shock absorption technology which can protect the head from a severe accident. There are total 22 air vents that ensure good airflow across the head.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against the helmet’s defects. Also, you can take the advantage of replacing your purchased bike helmet, if you think that the helmet doesn’t fit your head well.

2) Giro Revel Bike Helmet

Giro helmets are expensive because they use the ‘in-mold method’ in construction design. This method uses two securities, one for the exterior part and another for the interior part. The exterior part of the Gio helmet is made of polycarbonate shell, and the interior part of the helmet is made of EPS liner impact foam. The fusion of polycarbonate shell and foam liner made this helmet for pro ride provide adequate air across your head there are 22 vents into it.

It has removable visors for different seasons. Another thing to note that it uses Acu Dial Fit Adjustment System that secures your head properly.

3) Bell Sanction Helmet

The Bell Sanction is a full-face bike helmet which is especially for the smaller, junior, and younger riders. It is an ideal bike helmet for BMX and downhill helmet. The helmet is constructed with expanded polystyrene liner with a hand laminated fiberglass shell. This lightweight helmet is weighing only 950 grams.

This low profile designed helmet has an adjustable visor. It also includes total 15 vents for perfect air supply across the head.  As a cycling helmet, it meets the minimum required standards in the Europe and US. Though the helmet offer recession-busting value, but it may not be the good one for driving on the rocks.

4) Raskullz Unicorn Helmet

If your kid loves glitter and sparkles, you can buy Raskullz helmets. The helmet combines safety technology with kids-loving design. The 3D technology of this helmet will be loved by your child.

As a parent, you will like this helmet, because it meets both the ASTM and CPSC safety requirements. It fits 50-54 cm heads which is suitable for those whose ages 5 to up, but you should not give it yours under 3 year’s child. The Chin Strap is made of Nylon and adjustable to secure fit. In order to provide a comfortable level of airflow across the head, the helmet uses aerodynamic styling vents.

Raskullz Unicorn Helmet uses advanced helmet safety with 3D printing technology. The manufacturer believed one thing: protect the head and inspire the imagination.

5) Basecamp Zoom Bike Helmet

Basecamp Zoom bike helmet provides you an extra layer of protection. It not only protects your head but also protects your eyes. It has magnetically tied optical shield which can provide eye-protection along with massive optical clarity. You can remove or flip the optical shield easily with one hand. The helmet can manage impact energy because it uses top quality EPS construction and Integral Moulding Technology.

There are 7 vents in the helmet’s shell which ensure optimal airflow by minimizing wind resistance. The standard size of this helmet will fit 22 to 24 inches head circumference. The side straps help it to fit anyone’s head, both men, and women.

Final Words

You cannot buy a pro-class bike helmet spending under $100. If you can choose intellectually, you can get at least a standard bike helmet within this budget. Since safety is the main purpose of a bike helmet, we check the construction material of a bike first. Also, we check all other features that a bike helmet need. So, buying one from the above list will be your right decision.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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