Top 5 Best AV Receiver under $300

Whether you are a newbie in the world of home theater or are looking for an upgrade, finding the best AV receiver can be an expensive and daunting task. However, with today’s technology, getting good sound quality should not be hard. Maybe it is the many cool features and technological advancements in modern AV receivers that make their buying process confusing. If you are searching for an affordable receiver that will offer value for your money, than you are in the right place. This guide, detailing the best AV receiver under $300 as well as what to listen and look for when auditioning for a receiver will provide you with numerous receiver options. When you are done reading this guide, you will have the information you need to purchase a receiver that will continue serving you for years.

5 Best AV Receiver for the Money

RankAV ReceiverQualityEditor Rating Price
1Sony STRDH550 5.2A+ Check Amazon
2Denon AVR-S510BT 5.2A+ Check Amazon
3Yamaha RX-V383BLA Check Amazon
4Onkyo TX-SR373A Check Amazon
5Pioneer SurroundA- Check Amazon

1. Sony STROH550 5.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver

With 5.2 channels, ‘Phone and iPod connectivity and 725 watts, this receiver will bring a lot of excitement to your horn. The receiver has 4 K resolution and 4 HO inputs to handle all your components. HO digital cinema and allows your music and movies to get multi-layered sound quality.

Product Features

  • The receiver has the best audio technology from Sony to deliver an impressive powerful sound’
  • It’s well connected with versatile HO connectivity. You can easily connect compatible devices such as a smartphone and enjoy music, video clips and more on the big screen’
  • Easy to set up and use
  • You simply connect your gear, plug the supplied microphone in and then use the remote to follow easy prompts on the screen.

If you are using this receiver for basic theater surround entertainment ( MP3s and CDs), it won’t disappoint. For such a wonderful price, it produces an amazing sound. Playing the master volume at a level of 33 will have your neighbors wondering whether you are hosting a party.

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2. AVR-S510Bt 52 Channel Full 4K Ultra HO AV Receiver

AVR-S510Bt combines high value and high performance to deliver memorable entertainment moments in your horn. The receiver has advanced features including compatibility with HOMI 2.0 and the latest HOOP. In the video section, there are five HOMI inputs with 3 of them featuring 4K Ultra. Setting up the receiver is easy and basically, involves configuration of automated speakers and using the given measuring microphone to optimize.

Product Features

  • It has an inbuilt Bluetooth streaming that supports Bluetooth equipped device.
  • Has a USB portal that is compatible with USB devices for playing a wide range of file types including MP3, RAC, etc.
  • It’s compatible with Oenon HEOS link which is flexible and delivers high sound quality.
  • Has an app launcher function for easy access to the various service applications.

This receiver will definitely meet or exceed your expectations. For under $300, you get great and clear and output.

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3. Yamaha RX-v383BL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HO AV Receiver

RX-V383 comes equipped with all the latest features for optimal performance. The receiver which goes under 300 buck produces accurate and excellent audio.

Product Features

  • Has Bluetooth functionality to allow for wireless music playback from compatible devices
  • It delivers a rich bass while maintaining sound balance and good localization
  • Features cinema OSP technology that supports HO audio playback thus making the sound imaging expanse.

RX-V383 is a great AV receiver unit. It has many features some of which you will never use The features that are frequently used work as expected to take your entertainment to the next level.

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4. Onkyo TX-sR373 5.2 Channel AV Receiver

For only under $250, pay for the features that you need and forget about those that you don’t need. TX-sR373 focus on the reproduction of popular multichannel soundtracks. The receiver produces perfect movie soundtracks allowing you to listen to the authentic and intended movie sounds.

Product Features

  • Allows you to connect your players with a cable linked to the TV.
  • Has Bluetooth wireless technology that can mirror whatever plays on your smartphone or PC.
  • Has AccuEO which measures speakers distance to ensure balanced and clear sound in a room.

TX-sR373 does everything you need a receiver for. Setup is a breeze with everything working out just as indicated by the manufacturer. With a fantastic sound and plenty of power, there can’t be a loss of quality with this receiver.

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5. Pioneer Surround Sound AV Receiver- Black VSX532

Black VSX532 is a nice receiver for your money. It’s a basic receiver with straightforward controls and an easy setup. The receiver is priced under 300 dollars and free shipping for the product is offered.

Product Features

  • You can take advantage of high-quality video source with 4K/60p pass-through
  • Has NOR for high contrast between dark and light images so as to create life-like pictures

Pioneers MCACC creates an optimum environment so that the system can compensate for speaker size differences, level and distance automatically. Has inbuilt wireless Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from compatible devices’ It has a USB input terminal at the front panel for connecting to compatible USB memory stick.

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Consideration Guide Before Choosing the Best AV Receiver

Now that we know the best receivers for our money, what are the important things that you should consider before purchasing a receiver?

The best receiver should have many options for input and output of content. Currently, the standard for HO is HOMI cabling. Other popular options available in the market are the component, composite, digital optical and the cordless ones such as Bluetooth and WiFi. A quality receiver should have more than one set of speaker outputs included for multi-room playback.

Audio and Video Capabilities
A wide range of audio output settings is incorporated in most receivers. A good receiver features multi-zone capabilities which allow you to play audio in more than one room simultaneously Modern video capabilities are 1080p or 4K Most companies have developed mobile apps to facilitate AV receiver device control from a tablet or phone. A good receiver can output to 2 HO sources through different inputs.

It’s worthless to have a high-tech receiver with the coolest features but you can’t figure out how to use it When shopping for a receiver, it’s important that you play around with the display to ensure its easily navigable and you can understand all the functions. Most quality receivers usually come with a graphical interface.

Final Words

Finding an AV receiver for less than $300 is not hard as long as you have realistic expectations. From the short list of various models above, consider the one that has your preferred number of HOW inputs and the wireless technology you want. They are your best options for affordable AV receivers if you want high-quality sound.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 2nd August, 2019

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