Top 5 Best Air Purifier under $200

Air purifiers are of vital importance in every home considering the increase in allergies and asthma. This increase is as a result of dust, allergens, pollutants, animal fur and other harmful substances that could be found in our environment. Air purifiers do not only help in reducing dust but also improve the quality of air we breathe. This boosts our immunity and protects us from illnesses that could result from breathing low quality air. There are abundant of inexpensive air purifiers but spotting out the most effective is really stressful. There are some best air purifier under $200 that are really effective and comfortable to use Take a look various model of our top picking air purifiers-

RankAir PurifierPriceQualityEditor Rating
1GermGuardian AC4825$$A+
2Enerzen Commercial Ozone$A+
3Honeywell True HEPA$$A+
4GermGuardian AC5350B$$A
5Levoit Air Purifier$A

1. GermGuardian AC4825

  • 3-level filtration system
  • Pre-filter with activated carbon
  • True HEPA filter
  • UV-C Air sanitizer

This air purifier is one of the best air purifiers you can get out there for less than 200 bucks. The GermGuardian AC4825 is one of the most proficient compact air purifiers on the market. It features modern sleek design which makes it portable and mixes together anywhere.

Its unique features are the HEPA filtration which filters a vast of airborne pollutants from your home and activated carbon which removes odors holding to its implausible porous structure. This tackles pet odor, kitchen funk and smoke with considerable ease.

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2. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

  • Low maintenance as there are no filters to clean
  • Portable design
  • Cost and Eco-friendly design
  • Sturdy industrial timer function


This is one of the best and effective ozone generators out there. It utilizes activated oxygen (03) technology to destroy odors. Enerzen air purifier eliminates bad odor by oxidizing and destroying airborne contaminants like bacteria and viruses and neutralizes them. This leaves behind a fresh and clean smooth air that leaves you smiling all day.

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3. Honeywell true HEPA Allergen Remover

  • 3-air cleaning levels in addition to turbo clean setting
  • Filter replacement reminders
  • Circulates air five times per hour
  • Three timed levels
  • Comfortable to use and affordable

This air purifier is extremely effective and it is ideal for medium and large-sized rooms. It makes use of HEPA filters and turbo lean setting to freshen and clean air. The Glass-fiber type of HEPA material it is built with helps remove airborne particles, viruses, bacteria and odors. It comes with three times levels that operate at different speeds. It also comes with three main settings in addition to the turbo clean option. The three main settings are the allergen, general clean and germ. The various settings have different speeds with the turbo clean option been the highest.

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4. GermGuardian AC5350B

  • True HEPA filter which entraps dust and allergens
  • Activated Charcoal filter which inhibits microbial growth
  • Varying fan speeds which ranges from ultra-quiet sleep to high
  • UV-C which gets rid of airborne germs and bacteria including odors from smoking, cooking and pets.

This is a 4-in-1 air purifier system with a True HEPA, activated charcoal filter, odor reduction technology and UV-C sanitizer. It is a perfect choice for allergy sufferers and asthmatic patients. It comes in a modern sleek and stylish design that saves space. The True HEPA filter captures dust and allergens while the activated charcoal prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and mold. The UV-C rays aids in the elimination of airborne bacteria and germs and odors from smoking, kitchen funk, pets etc.

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5. Levoit Air Purifier LV-PUR131

  • A True HEPA filter
  • A fine preliminary/secondary filter
  • Activated carbon
  • Portable and s leek design that saves space
  • Comfortable to use and affordable

The Levoit purifier comes with a True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter just like other air purifiers discussed above. It is specifically designed for smaller spaces and its space-saving design ensures it fits into the available space with minimal disruption. Its mode of action is similar to the GermGuardian AC5350B. It comes with a two-year warranty and it is very affordable as it is priced around $89.99 on Amazon.

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Considering the negative consequences of breathing in low quality air and how allergic our body could be, it is advised that every household should have an air purifier. This will lessen the amount been spent on medical bills as low quality air is responsible for most illnesses both children and adults are prone to Depending on your budget, you won’t be wrong picking any of the aforementioned air purifiers that would suite your household need.

Disclaimer: We check & update the list every month. Some product prices may have changed since our latest update. Last Date of Update: 1st May, 2018

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